• 30/ 10
    Many buyers of residential apartments in Novo-Molokovo are “yuppies”. According to RDI analysts, their share in the Novo-Molokovo housing project is about 25%. "Yuppie” (“young urban professional”) is a new word in Russia, though it has been in use in the United States since the early 1980s. "Yuppie” means a well-paid young professional concentrating on his career...
  • 16/ 10
    The FIRST MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FORUM “CULTURE. GLANCE AT THE FUTURE” will take place in Moscow October 15-18, 2014.

    RDI mission is to create new space for the life of 21st century people.  In the modern world culture gains more and more significance and influence, and these processes are especially noticeable in megapolises. Culture and modern art serve as the most important sources...
  • 07/ 10
    RDI presents one of the most innovative formats in the Moscow region real estate market  - flat houses. The first flat houses were erected in the Western Valley Architectural Suburb which is being built 21 km away from Moscow along the Kievskoye highway.
  • 06/ 10
    Vienna saw 10th modern art fair - ViennaFair. RDI organizes and manages the exhibition since 2012, while the European modern art ViennaFair is held since 2005. The exhibition focuses on the art of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. The event ran at the Messe Wien exhibition complex October 2-5.
  • 01/ 10
    Recently we have heard many talks regarding the effect of the Western sanctions on the Russian economy. Among other things, about possible negative consequences for the Russian real estate market. However RDI experts believe one should not jump to conclusions.