Flat houses in Western Valley for 6.6. mil. rubles

07/ 10

RDI presents one of the most innovative formats in the Moscow region real estate market  - flat houses. The first flat houses were erected in the Western Valley Architectural Suburb which is being built 21 km away from Moscow along the Kievskoye highway.

According to Dmitry Vlasov, RDI Commercial director, 39 flat houses are already built on the 17 ha landplot (phase 1 of the project). “We plan to complete the whole project until the end of this year”, he noted.
Dmitry Vlasov also explained that in creating the new houses main focus was made on environmental safety, which is rare in this segment. Only natural materials are used in the construction of flat houses in Western Valley, for internal as well as external finish.

The main goal of the whole project is to present a modern and individual glance of professional architects at a residential format which is new to the Russian real estate market. This project is in many respects a free flight of the architect’s thought. The main distinction of a flat house is  single-level space which allows to effectively assign residential quarters for daily activities.  

From the very start the Architectural Suburb was designed by its authors – Totan Kuzembaev, Yuly Borisov, Vadim Grekov, Anton Mosin and Andris Trushinsh as a project corresponding to the “new urbanism” concept which places people at the head and is noted by its quite new approach to forming living environment. Here residential projects naturally fit in the city space, creating a unique thought-out environment where one wants to stay and live.

“Avoid standards, template way of thinking – this is the main idea behind this format. We not only design and build flat houses but we fill them with life. American bureau Bar Architects participated in the creation which is famous for its innovative projects in modern architecture. Their projects decorate the cities of Japan, China, Israel and America”, says D. Vlasov. “We did everything possible to combine the comfortable life of a megapolis and the suburban quietness in one project: designer suburban apartment boasting the comfort of a townhouse and two parking stalls as a present. This fully resolves the parking problem”, he adds.

For 6.6 mil.rub. one can buy a flat house in Western Valley with a total area of 96 sq.m. This is approximately the price of an apartment in a standard bearing wall house in a Moscow suburb.

For the convenience of its clients RDI provides an opportunity to get a mortgage loan from Vozrozhdenie on favorable terms.

Despite the recent start of sales, this format has demonstrated a persistently high demand from customers. At the moment over 80% flat houses are sold.