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The FIRST MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FORUM “CULTURE. GLANCE AT THE FUTURE” will take place in Moscow October 15-18, 2014.

RDI mission is to create new space for the life of 21st century people.  In the modern world culture gains more and more significance and influence, and these processes are especially noticeable in megapolises. Culture and modern art serve as the most important sources of inspiration and vision, which also make it possible to form dialogs between cultures and generations.  We gather the best world practices to embody them in our business projects. Thus they become an integral part of our DNA and a natural part of the group’s activities.

RDI is a partner and organizer of the forum’s international program. RDI Culture invited some most interesting speakers of the European and world cultural environment. “Art and culture to us are not supplementary activities but a most important part of generating ideas and solutions which are embodied in our projects. This is our key distinction from other development companies which allows us to successfully create new living space”, believes Dmitry Aksenov, Chairman of RDI Board of directors.
Forum “Culture. Glance at the future” will become the first experience of professional analysis and discussion of the changes in the capital’s cultural environment which have taken place over the recent years, it will also form the agenda for further development. Russian and  international experts of creative industries will speak within the three topical sections of the forum: “Culture and townspeople”, “Culture and professionals”, “Culture and the city”.

The company’s activities are not limited to design and construction but extend far beyond the real estate market. We proactively implement various projects and have accumulated a considerable experience in the sphere of urbanology, culture and art. We have recently launched  projects which are new to the market and are related to creating and managing communities, designing public space and filling it with  utilities which are demanded by our customers. These acquired and developing competencies allow us to take a broader look at integrated development of territories, going beyond the standard development rules.

Some other important themes of the forum are professional management   issues: who manages what and how in the cultural sphere; what is cultural efficiency; forecasts in the sphere of Moscow creative economy.

We believe it is vitally important to preserve cultural ties in order to use them as a ground for constructive dialog on mutually beneficial cooperation and strengthening international as well as internal cultural ties.

Some of the speakers at the forum were K. Shtreinbrecher, Director of RDI Culture, in the discussion of “Which projects sell. Moscow culture – a glance from outside” and A.Chin-Go-Pin in the topic  “Square meters of culture: cultural infrastructure cover ratios for townspeople”.