Two great deals from Sberbank

03/ 04

Now Sberbank’s special offers “12-12-30” and obtaining “Mortgage subject to two documents only” are available to purchasers of RDI’s apartments in the residential clusters Novo-Molokovo and South Vidnoe.

Pursuant to the special offer conditions, the annual rate of 12% will remain the same for the entire period – before and after the registration of mortgage, the minimal initial deposit makes up 12% of the cost of the housing, and the crediting period has been increased to 30 years. The developer itself will send your application to Sberbank via the special bank’s portal. Make sure you do it before 30.06.2014!

Furthermore, Sberbank offers acceptance of credit applications for the acquisition of housing under construction at the residential clusters of Novo-Molokovo and South Vidnoe subject to two documents only – passport and any additional document: driving license, pension insurance card, TIN, etc. There is no need to confirm solvency – the bank does not require any documents to confirm employment or income. The application may be filed subject to initial deposit from 40% and up. It is provided for a period of up to 30 years.

Additional information on the telephone +7 495 585 22 22