The company started selling turnkey flats at “South Valley”

10/ 06

RDI Company, a top-ranked Moscow region developer, announced that they are starting sales of turnkey flats of the housing project "South Valley". Flats will be marketed as part of phase 3 of the housing project, exclusively designed for RDI by Anton Mosin, a well-known architect.

"South Valley" is a large multiformat housing project, located along Kashirsky Highway, at a distance of 9 km from Moscow. The housing project occupies an area of 87.7 ha. It is a protected area operated by an independent property management company, and has well-developed utility networks and infrastructure. While nurturing the architectural concept of "South Valley ", RDI sought to create a well-balanced living environment which is oriented to real people and their everyday needs. To avoid cookie-cutter approaches and stereotypes, RDI engaged a team of respected architects, namely Anton Mosin, Totan Kuzembayev, Yuly Borisov, Vadim Grekov and Andris Trushinsh, which breathed life into the project.

In March, 2015, RDI Company brought phase 3 of the housing project to the market, with an area of 11.2 ha. The area will contain 35 low storey houses (3-4-storey houses). Phase 3 will be fully completed by the end of 2017.

As part of this phase of the housing project, the developer offers customers a number of single-, two- and three- room flats with high-quality fine finishing in compliance with EU standards. Customers are offered 30 — 81 sq. m. flats; they can select one of the three following options:
•    Linen Style Finish: Light beige shades, for people who like modernist style;
•    Cashmere Style Finish: Natural wood hues, for a vivid and dynamic personality;
•    Silk Style Finish: People who prefer classic style will love this combination of white surfaces and dark floors.

Moreover, customers will be able to make some changes to the space and interior design, so as to personalize it.

The project also includes several unfinished flats. These are intended for people willing to finish their homes by themselves.

Dmitry Vlasov, Commercial Director of RDI Company, believes that flats in finished condition occupy a definite niche in the residential property market of Moscow-area. «According to figures from our company, for the last year, the share of turkey ready flats in economy -class and comfort-class increased by 17%. From developers' perspective, this is a good method to engage customers. From the standpoint of customers, this is a way to move into a new home as soon as possible and an opportunity to save on renovation, because  the cost of flat renovation by developer will be less than expenses involved with a team of construction workers separately employed by the owner".