Spring present to all customers!

18/ 03

With the coming of the spring the developer RDI is eager to share its sunny mood with everyone. We are happy to inform you that since March the apartments in South Vidnoye residential cluster have gained a new competitive advantage – free connection to communication services. Now by the time the future dwellers move in, the newly built houses of our residential cluster will have been equipped with the entire requisite telecommunication infrastructure in advance. Every apartment will be wired with special communication lines – the optic fiber cable enabling the use of digital quality telephony, broadband Internet, and connection to Internet television. Assignment of a direct city number in АВС code (498). Furthermore, the prospective subscriber may order additional services, such as cabling, installation of the terminal equipment – modems, extra telephone jacks. Active Internet users who are used to staying connected will be able to appreciate the convenience of being immediately connected to telecommunication services that is an advantage in terms of time and money saving.