Since the beginning of year the average price of a square in Khimki grew by 5%

18/ 03

For the first 2 months 2014 the average cost of square meter in the city District of Khimki increased almost by 5% and made 89 thousand rubles. As analysts of RDI and Limitless joint venture note, on growth of the price had impact of change of rates of foreign currencies. 

 Primary market of real estate of the city District of Khimki since the beginning of year shows essential increase in average price values. According to analysts of joint venture of the RDI and Limitless companies realizing a housing estate "Country Quarter", following the results of February the average price of "square" was recorded at the level of 89 thousand rubles. According to the experts, ruble weakening of the position – during the period since the beginning of year had the greatest impact on growth of cost and until the end of February the national currency fell in price for 10,4% concerning dollar and 9,5% concerning euro. Besides, in January and February were to the local market there were two housing estates, cost of square meter in which above an average value. It also provoked growth. 

 Experts of JV RDI and Limitless analysed the appendix in more than 20 housing estates located in the territory of the city District of Khimki. Today the minimum cost of square meter makes 55,2 thousand rubles. The maximum cost of "square" is nearly 5 times higher – 250 thousand rubles. 

 The difference between the minimum and maximum cost of apartments in the city District of Khimki is even more. The minimum threshold of entry makes 2,8 million rubles. For this sum it is possible to get studio of 28 sq.m. The most expensive lot in the local market is the spacious apartment of 174 sq.m which cost is estimated at 43,5 million rubles. Respectively, the difference between the most expensive and cheapest offer in Khimki makes more than 15 times. 

 Traditionally the highest cost of square meter is presented in one-room apartments – the minimum makes 68 thousand rubles. Further on the descending there are "two-room flats" - from 65 thousand rubles, "three" - from 60 thousand rubles and multiroom apartments (4 rooms and more) – from 55 thousand rubles for "square". 

 In a housing estate "Country Quarter" following the results of the first two months of year growth of the average price of square meter made 3%. This indicator increased to 85 thousand rubles. As of the beginning of March, 2014 the minimum cost of "square" in the project made 78 thousand rubles, maximum - 101 thousand rubles. The most inexpensive apartment in the project could be got for 4 million rubles. 

 "As well as in many other Areas of Moscow areas, the real estate in primary market of the city District of Khimki since the beginning of year surely grew in the price. However, these rates significantly lag behind growth of dollar rates and euro. And it means that apartment purchase in Khimki is today favorable investment of capital for those who seeks to keep the accumulation in conditions of unstable economy. While it is difficult to do the forecast how long to be weakening of ruble. Therefore that who stores money on ruble депоз