RDI Opens New Office in the Historic Centre of Moscow

27/ 11

RDI, the development company specialised in integrated urban development and creating modern spaces for life, has opened a new office at the very heart of the historic centre of Moscow, just several minutes walk from the Christ the Saviour Cathedral.

The new RDI office boasts a creative design developed by Seasons Project and projects the RDI ideology of 'comfortable, simple, green, safe and accessible'. Functionality and use of natural materials have become the principal criteria in space management and not just in selecting finishes and furniture. Form, colour and texture create the required mood. Urbanism as the office style of choice is not accidental too. RDI development projects are based on the principles of New Urbanism, which is a return to a small compact pedestrian-level city that provides maximum living comfort with any required infrastructure available not far from home. Therefore the new RDI office in downtown Moscow is designed to provide, among other things, a comfortable environment for the company's future and existing customers.

Dmitry Vlasov, RDI Commercial Director: "In our office you can get all the required documents if you already own a home in one of our projects. In addition, our office provides a comprehensive view of the company's projects and visualises the entire concept of integrated urban development and creating modern spaces for life."

Daria Grigorieva, Project Designer, Decorator and Stylist of the Seasons of Life magazine: "We have tried to build a functional working environment in line with our corporate approach, ideology and principles. All spaces are laconic, without much detail but with a flair. Spacious sizes, cold colours, materials that are nice to the touch, black furniture, elaborate forms and the right human scale make a comfortable environment in which you feel free and easy and not subdued."

"In addition, the lobby will very soon feature a permanent exhibition of modern works of art that will be updated on a regular basis. In the short term we are going to present works by Vladimir Dubossarsky and Alexander Vinogradov, the well-known artists. In December we are beginning with an exhibition of works by Olga Chernyshova, one of the best known young Russian artists who have earned broad international recognition," summarised Dmitry.