RDI Mortgage Program “Heroes of Our Time”

04/ 12

RDI, a leading developer of the Moscow region, successfully sells apartments in its micro-districts under the “Military Mortgage” program. This special mortgage product developed together with leading banks for military personnel was named by RDI “Heroes of Our Time” and may be used in connection with projects “Novo-Molokovo” and “Yuzhnoe Vidnoe”.

“The problem of housing for military personnel is one of the major problems of nowadays,” Rustam Azizov, the Head of the Mortgage and Partnership Department of RDI, says. “Unfortunately, not many military men know about, and benefit from, the existing “Military Mortgage” program offering them to use the certificate of the savings and mortgage system and obtain the “Military Mortgage” loan. This is so because military men do not always have sufficient information about real estate properties accredited on the new homes market and sometimes are not able to use the certificate within the fixed timeframes (6 months) or collect and prepare documents to get the “Military Mortgage” loan in time. We’ll help them select the housing in one of our new buildings in the vicinity of Moscow. They are residential developments “Yuzhnoe Vidnoe” and “Novo-Molokovo”. Furthermore, we’ll give consultations on program conditions offered by “Military Mortgage” accredited banks, accept an application, send it to the bank  and help them make the transaction,” Rustam Azizov, the Head of the Mortgage and Partnership Departure of RDI, says.

The advantage of the “Military Mortgage” program is that the loan repayment is made on a monthly basis by FGKU “Rosvoenipoteka” until the complete repayment of the loan or dismissal of the military man. “Another advantage is that, apart from the loan, the maximal amount of which may reach 2.4 mln rubles, our customer may use any available certificate of the savings and mortgage system to buy an apartment,” Rustam summarizes.

As of today, RDI is accredited with FGKU (Federal State-Owned Enterprise) “Rosvoenipoteka” for two properties – “Novo-Molokovo” and “Yuzhnoe Vidnoe”.

Residential development “Novo-Molokovo” is low-rise and mid-rise comprehensive development located 9 km from the Moscow Ring Highway (MRHW) along Kashirskoe highway. The total area of the site where the complex is developed is more than 35 ha. In total, there will be 13 buildings in the miscro-district, with the total floor space of 330,000 sq.m. accounting for 5,000 apartments. The total amount of project investments is more than USD 400 million.

“Yuzhnoe Vidnoe” is the largest economy-class development project in the town of Vidnoe. It is located 5 km from the MRHW in the southern part of the town on the site with the area of 40 ha. The total development floor space is 227,000 sq.m. The development project completion is scheduled for 2016.