RDI Launches Affordable Metres Programme

02/ 03

RDI is broadening opportunities for its customers. A step in this direction has been an official accrediting of Novo-Molokovo and Yuzhnoye Vidnoye residential development areas by the Housing Loan and Subsidy Implementation Agency. Now people on affordable housing waiting lists, who have received government housing certificates entitling them to a non-repayable subsidy, may use the certificates to buy flats in properties situated in the above areas.

RDI experts are ready to help solve their customers’ housing problems and offer them any assistance they need. The customers receive advice on who is entitled to subsidies, what housing space standards are applied, how to do calculations, etc. On their way to receiving new flats, programme participants should make five simple steps: receive from RDI precise information about the flats which interest them, obtain a resolution of the Moscow Housing Policy and Housing Fund Department, receive a housing subsidy entitlement, open a personal special-purpose blocked account with a bank, pay money into it and go to a Novo-Molokovo or Yuzhnoye Vidnoye sales office to buy a flat.

When buying flats under the subsidy programme, customers may also use their own money. It is important to bear in mind, however, that a housing certificate may only be used before its expiry date, otherwise the above special-purpose account will be automatically closed and the received housing improvement subsidy repaid to the Moscow government. It makes no sense, therefore, to postpone the solution of your housing problems for tomorrow, particularly if they can be solved already now.

Find all the necessary information by phone at +7 (495) 585-2222 or by email at subsidii@rdi.ru.

Helpful information

The Housing Loan and Subsidy Implementation Agency was set up under a Moscow government decree and is subordinate to the Moscow Housing Policy and Housing Fund Department. The agency carries out tasks related to the fulfilment of Moscow government’s housing programmes.