RDI launched an innovative product on real estate market

20/ 07

RDI company launched an unique innovative product of post-sale service for its clients — City Services Agency (SGS).

Unlike the others this platform is designed not only for area residents communication, interaction between the developer, management company and all service companies but for information maintenance, rendered services quality control, for leisure and recreation development. Each resident may participate actively in and introduce changes into the life of its housing complex and communication with the neighbors. There is no other complex product with alike decision set on current real estate market.

Within the implementation of its Live Passionately new strategy RDI is willing to create living spaces conforming fully to the needs of contemporary urban dweller. The innovative SGS service (www.sgs.rdi.ru) is the company’s novelty, one more step on the way to achievement of this objective.

City Services Agency is an analogue of «one stop service» created with the support of Moscow Government.

At the moment the portal is started in the test mode for Novo-Molokovo housing complex but the similar coverage of other RDI sites is scheduled in the nearest future.

In its composition the project consists of three parts: Portal for Residents internet service, single support service and culture centre.

Any current information on all events in the housing complex territory and beyond may be found by means of the portal including such helpful showing as weather forecast, taxi call number, nearest bus or traffic gap on chosen route. One can see on-line using web cameras what’s on in the yard, on children's playgrounds, as well as to get information on service companies and their offers, to make an enquiry and to pay bills. The portal gives possibility to get the news and events of the community culture centre, to be listed for a master class or a session there and simply to make acquaintance and communicate with neighbors at the forum.

Therefore, using SGS one can both get lots of necessary and useful information, call for a plumber, etc. and find soul mates having the same interests, visit places of leisure or creative work centers. Moreover, each house resident has an opportunity to take an active part in certain matters, has social commitment, has the right to vote and choose the ways of his or her housing complex development.

The connection between the client and the developer does not ends with our performance of the developer’s obligations on construction and site transfer, Dmitry Vlasov, RDI Commercial Director, says. We create the environment and start up the heart of the project and keep up its pulse. City Services Agency is an unprecedented product of post-sale service turning our sites into interactive ones. We create all urban opportunities for our residents within the territory of a single housing complex.