RDI invites you to take a break from the city bustle with painter Dmitry Gutov

17/ 02

Saturday, February 21 Company RDI invites the residents of Architectural suburbs South Valley and West Valley to take a moment off from everyday reality, getting immersed into the art of famous painter Dmitry Gutov.

We are happy to give you this chance to see installations and graphic works which were never exhibited in public before. In these works Dmitry Gutov turns to the Chinese ink technique and the mystic teaching of German theologist  Meister Eckhart. The result was the project “Far from the dust” which underscores the necessity to draw back from what is going on, consciously escape from the bustle and achieve ultimate concentration. Dmitry Gutov has spent the past year in the country, in complete isolation from the outer world – without ongoing access to information and social communication. Our company to a certain extent supports this strive for spiritual harmony and unification with one’s own self. This is why “human architecture” where all things are balanced and thought out in accordance with people’s needs forms the cornerstone of all its projects. At the same time people are not isolated from society and can return to social communication and reality any time they want, thanks to modern infrastructure and transport accessibility.

The event will start at 2 p.m. at the Triumph gallery (Ilyinka St. 3/8 bldg.5).

A company employee with  an RDI sign will meet you at the above-mentioned time at the ticket office of the gallery at the above-mentioned time. Admission is free.

It is important to note that the maitre will break his seclusion for a short period of time to conduct an excursion in person and share some secrets of his art.