RDI has signed the Charter of Liaison and Cooperation between Moscow Region Government and Investors/ Real Estate Developers

20/ 02

The Charter binds all its signatories to keep the playing field level and prevent predatory pricing of homes for sale. The Charter has only been signed by companies that sell apartments under 214-FZ co-investment contracts (the 214-FZ law provides the most comprehensive protection of buyers' rights). The documents sets forth principles that will help to remove possible worries and concerns among real estate buyers. This will make the real estate market more stable, and buying an apartment will continue to be a safe investment.

The Charter has been signed by Andrey Vorobiev, Governor of the Moscow Region, for and on behalf of Moscow Region Government. The document signing ceremony was also attended by German Elyanyushkin, Deputy Chairman of the Region Government, Marina Ogloblina, Moscow Region Civil Construction Minister, and CEOs of the region's biggest real estate developers.