RDI gives a chance to feel a difference, or whether entrance halls need concierges

15/ 09

RDI is conducting an unprecedented campaign among residents of RC Novo-Molokovo: within two months in one of the houses of the residential complex the developer has been paying for concierges‘ services at its own expense.

This house has 12 entrance halls, concierges were hired in 6 of them. The experiment is being conducted to see a difference in appearance of the entrance halls with and without concierges.

If upon testing the new service residents by the majority of votes decide they need a concierge, the latter will be left. If residents decide there is no use in a concierge’s work, then everything in an entrance hall will remain as it was.

Your opinion is important to us!

We are awaiting Your answers to the question "Do You need a concierge?" in the open group of RC Novo-Molokovo in VKontakte!

It will not take a long time — simply click the link: https://vk.com/newmolokovo

Join us!