RDI congratulates war veterans with the Day of Great Victor!

07/ 05

For RDI, it is already a well-established tradition to help local war veterans’ organizations and funds. Our help is informal, and it is focused on satisfaction of daily needs of war veterans. Our attitude is based not only on our thankfulness and memory. It is also our responsibility and participation in the life of the people who made it possible for us to live and work.

To help prepare and organize the Victory Day celebrations, RDI provided funds to the Leninsky and Narofominsky Districts of the Moscow Region. We also provided funds needed to buy and install gas stoves and boilers in homes of war veterans living in Vidnoe, Moscow Region, and to buy new television receivers to war veterans of the Narofomonsky District. RDI provided food product bundles with greeting cards to veterans of the Troitsky and Novomoscovsky administrative districts.

The Great Patriotic War affected each Soviet family without distinction. Each family was affected by a loss of a family member and each was proud of its contribution to the common victory. Each family can tell its own story about the glorious chapters of history which determined the future of Russia and the world. We know them by heart and can proudly recite them. We remember. We are proud. And we learn lessons to educate future generations. These have been our values for centuries.

When implementing its long-term program of assistance to war veterans, the RDI company makes its small contribution to our common cause. Thus, we maintain the valued established by our glorious ancestors. We sincerely join all the warm words addressed to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War on the Victory day and wish them peace and many happy returns of the day!