RDI Company has obtained 7 Permits for house commissioning at a time

17/ 06

Dear customers, purchasers of apartments in West Valley buildings (which means the houses at: 51, 53, 55 block 1 and 2, 57, block 1 and 2, 59 block 1 of Chernichnaya str, Bolshoye Svinorye village, Marushkinskoye settlement, Moscow).

We are pleased to inform of obtaining of the Permits for commissioning of seven multi-apartment residential buildings of ZCUB type. The documents are provided by MosGosStroyNadzor (Moscow State Construction Supervision Committee) for seven houses already. As of this date we are able to start the official procedure of apartment transfer to the purchasers. In the nearest future our sale managers will invite the customers (by notification) to sign transfer and acceptance certificates with apartment inspection report attached thereto.

West Valley Architectural suburb is located at 21 km from Moscow Ring Road down to Kievskoye highway and is included into New Moscow. The concept thereof provides the construction of cottages, townhouses and apartments in low storey houses where space planning is figured for any, even very sophisticated taste. A special attention will be given to children and to healthy life. A training centre, tennis court, football field, playgrounds for children, run tracks and cycle lanes are included into the plan of the complex for that purpose. Neznayka river bounds the settlement from two sides where a promenade embankment of about a kilometer length will be constructed.