RDI begins selling apartments with government support

19/ 03

From 18.03.2015 RDI jointly with leading mortgage banks with government participation announce a launch of mortgage crediting program with government support subject to special terms. Within the framework of the program the mortgage interest rate for apartment purchase makes up from 11.9% interest per annum subject to taking out life and health insurance by the borrower in accordance with the banks’ requirements. RDI has become one of the first companies offering mortgage with state support.

According to the terms of the program “Mortgage with government support” as a first contribution one should save at least 20% of the cost of the real estate object. The housing credit may be extended for the amount of up to 8 million roubles. The maximum crediting timeline will be up to 30 years.

“Today this is the most attractive offer in the primary housing market”, comments Rustam Azizov, head of mortgage and RDI partnering department. “Thanks to the lowered interest rate the mortgage will again become affordable for a broad circle of purchasers of apartments in newly built houses”.

RDI program includes purchase of apartments and townhouses in:
Housing Complex Novo-Molokovo  
Housing Complex South Vidnoye
Housing Complex Suburban Quarter (apartments)
Architectural Suburb “South Valley” (townhouses)

More details can be provided by RDI specialists on the telephone +7 (495) 585-22-22