Over 70% of Moscow region technological parks do not meet modern requirements

03/ 06

Despite the fact that currently the Moscow region technological park market is at the initial stage of development and is characterized by rather low occupancy, RDI experts note increased demand for storage and industrial spaces. Demand for industrial real estate has demonstrated a strong growth since the start of the current year. High-quality projects with good road accessibility and utilities enjoy the greatest demand. Thus for example almost 20 ha of space for a total amount of over 780 mil rubles were sold within the Technopark M4 project for the past 3 quarters.

RDI experts identified a growing customer interest in industrial real estate in 2014. In today’s unstable financial situation investors are trying to invest funds in the most promising projects. “The greatest share of appropriate lots offered is situated in the technological parks of the Moscow region (around 60 projects)”, says Dmitry Vlasov, RDI Business Director. A little over 15% of the total count have been brought into operation. Somewhat over 30% are at the stage of construction. Less than 20% -at the stage of design. However not all of them can be described as successful.

One of the main criteria of technological park efficiency is location – proximity to Moscow, main roads, airports, cities of the Moscow region. According to RDI experts, only a small share of all technological parks offered meet these requirements. Another significant factor which increases the interest of lessees and may increase the project demand twofold is availability of utility systems. Despite the obvious nature of this parameter, over 70% of all the technological parks offered in the Moscow region do not have it. As a rule, they are just land plots, not even transferred to the category of industrial land.

Technopark M4 is a modern complex located close to the capital, 21 km away from Moscow along the Kashirskoye highway. Each industrial lot of the Technopark has the required utility connections: gas, electricity, water, sewage, telephone and internet. The park is designed to ensure maximum working comfort for the residents and is most efficient from the point of view of the planning concept. The volume of investments in the project comprised over US$ 30 mil.

Today Technopark M4 is one of the mostly wanted industrial complexes in the Moscow region. It accounts for a share of around 30% of the total volume of similar projects offered in the southern direction. According to Dmitry Novozhilov, head of the RDI Industrial Real Estate Department, project sales pace has doubled since the beginning of the year. At present there are only about 15% lots still offered for sale.