Opening of a natural playground in Novo-Molokovo!

25/ 04

On 13 April a natural playground opening ceremony was held in the territory of the residential cluster.

Experimental children's playground built in a week from logs has only three objects: a sandpit consisting of two parts: one filled with sand and another with pebbles. A musical object – a sort of a skeleton of a gazebo with hanging garlands of ringing bells and various metal things: a lid, a watering can, a part of a water pipe. There is also a real café with tables and stools from chumps of different heights, with a kitchen that has a serving table and a sink with a washstand. Nearby there is a standard playground, but on the opening day all the residents gathered on the new one: children were cooking complicated dishes from sand, stones and peas, composing music and jumping on the stumps. Playgrounds from natural materials with abstract elements have a huge game and development potential. Now we will look at how it is going to be used, talk to the residents and continue our work as the cluster grows. 

What was going on in Novo-Molokovo that day?

We were creating musical art objects, and the dancing flash mob ended with a delicious discotheque. Gruel was made from mud, soup – from grass, a rolled cake was made from pebbles. The entire space around was filled with mazes, bridges, hammocks and bungees.

Everyone was very animated; children’s enthusiasm resonated with sincere joy of the adults caused by festive atmosphere that filled the air.

We conducted a small but a very useful workshop with parents, where we tried to model the work of the future community center. We found out that the residents of our cluster are very active and motivated people, who are ready to read history lectures for their neighbours, give Wu-shu lessons, organize theater hobby-groups.

We hope that such events will grow into a good tradition and will be bringing happiness to the people of Novo-Molokovo for years to come!