Novo-Molkovo residents celebrated the Molokovo Habitation Day together with the RDI Cultural Center

02/ 09

Novo-Molokovo residents together with the RDI Cultural Center took active part in the Molokovo Habitation Day celebrations held on the previous Saturday, August 29.

While summer rain drops were trickling, took place the improvise concert “Joy of Sound” with young participants creating their own musical collage under the direction of musicians.

After that, guest designers and artists gave a workshop on dry flowers decorations, which are to be the reminders of summer days for their owners during the cold times.

At sunset, in 7.30 p.m., the big scene became the venue of  theatrical performance “TENT CIRCUS” after the poem by Samuel Marshak made by youngest Novo-Molokovo residents. The performance was at the same time the final play of the session of  the kids camp “Theatre” which is run in Novo-Molokov as the part of “Art Summer” program.

The kids were nervous, but thanks to their parents and neighbors support, everything was great!

Eduard Petrovich Aradushkin, Head of Molokovskoe rural settlement, greatly appreciated the RDI commitment to Habitation Day and promised to go to the “MALEVICH: Who invented the Black Square?” exhibition which is open every Saturday since 5.00 p.m.