Mystery Shopper Examines Yuzhnoye Vidnoye Housing Estate

28/ 03

Mystery shopping has become a popular method of appraising a product and revealing its strong and not very strong points. We are pleased about the Yuzhnoye Vidnoye project attracting yet again the attention of professional  journalists disguised as buyers having to make a difficult choice. The first such visit was made back in 2013 when Yuzhnoye Vidnoye began to burgeon. Just recently, a mystery shopper has followed the well trodden path to find out how the situation has changed of late.

As it turns out, it has changed a lot. In the first place, it has been noticed that the main page of the project site contains a huge amount of useful and important information cleverly mixed with marketing tidbits and some overtures to the buyer. Suffice it to mention this wish in an explanation about how to get to the project, “May the thought of finding a flat of your dreams warm you on your way there”. The site is indeed highly informative, describing what flats are available and at what cost, how one can register property in an inhabited block of flats, mortgage services, phases of construction and documents that have to be processed.

Currently, five blocks of flats have been commissioned and the dates of commissioning the rest of the planned housing are also known: the seventh and the eighth blocks will be ready in the second quarter of this year, the tenth, eleventh and thirteenth in the third quarter and the sixth and ninth in the fourth quarter. The journalist was not surprised to learn that construction of the ninth block of flats is currently in the foundation phase. The planned rate of construction of houses of this type is four or five months, which means the builders will meet the deadline.

Those wishing to buy a flat in Yuzhnoye Vidnoye have plenty of opportunities for that. Apart from direct sale there are mortgage services provided by 10 leading national banks. Special mortgage services are offered to servicemen. Mothers may contribute their maternity subsidies to the cost of a new flat and a housing subsidies programme has been launched for those who are waiting in a queue for improving living conditions. All detailed information and sample calculations are given on the Yuzhnoye Vidnoye site.

Friends & Family loyalty cards are yet another interesting option offered by the developer as part of its marketing policy. Among other preferences, they entitle a flat owner to a discount of 50,000 roubles, with another 30, 000 roubles rebated if the owner’s friends buy a flat in the housing estate.

Naturally, all buyers including mystery shoppers are interested in project infrastructure, not just residential property. Under construction in Yuzhnoye Vidnoye are a kindergarten for 120 children, school for 1,100 pupils, trading and administrative centre and three multilevel car parks for 1,735 car spaces. The building plan also envisages construction of children’s and sports grounds for various ages.

As a result, the mystery shopper has made the following conclusions: first, Yuzhnoye Vidnoye is an attractive proposition in terms of investment and, second, its proximity to Moscow, developed infrastructure and well thought out layouts draw buyers who acquire new flats precisely for living in them permanently. A general and firm conclusion is that the mystery shopper is satisfied and would not object to buying a flat in an overt manner.

A full version of the mystery shopper’s report may be found here: