First anniversary of RDI mortgage center

10/ 06

The mortgage center was formed within RDI in June 2013. Since it appeared in the company structure, we have witnessed a 2 – 2.5 growth in mortgage loan sales, with mortgage share reaching 70% for some of the projects. Today real estate mortgage is one of the main instruments used to acquire residential space, in the primary as well as in the secondary real estate markets. So a growing interest in mortgage loans on the part of the consumers and a corresponding interest of the banks in offering most attractive terms to such consumers is seen as a logical tendency.

Analysis of mortgage loan transactions proves that practically every second transaction in RDI is carried out with utilization of mortgage loans. The number of apartments sold using mortgage loans has grown twice in the recent year. While during the first six months of 2013 the mortgage loan share for RDI projects comprised around 30%, at present this number has grown up to 60% and company experts believe the growth will continue. The mortgage center allows to completely eliminate the stereotypes many clients have with respect to obtaining and processing a mortgage loan from a Bank, thus improving the quality of mortgage client service.

“A close, mutually beneficial partnership cooperation with banks makes it possible to cut the time required for consideration of mortgage applications for RDI clients, as well as the time needed for contract approval, and to offer special mortgage programs”, says Rustam Azizov, head of RDI mortgage center.