Excursion to the Pushkin Museum organized by RDI Cultural Center and painter Dmitry Gutov

18/ 09

On September 13 Dmitry Gutov, a well-known painter and resident of the Yuzhnaya Dolina ("Southern Valley") architectural complex, invited his neighbours to his art exhibition “Rembrandt: A Different Perspective”. The exhibition was organized in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, where Gutov personally showed his works and told the group of his neighbours how his paintings inspired by Rembrandt masterpieces had been conceived.

Residents of the Yuzhnaya Dolina architectural complex now actively get to know each other, communicate and maintain neighbourly relations.

We hope that the new tradition to share one’s knowledge, skill and enthusiasm with neighbours will be maintained. The RDI company is willing to support residents’ initiatives, creative work and new hobbies.

Join us!