Demand for Apartments in Yuzhnoye Vidnoe housing complex grew 30% during the last 12 months

17/ 11

Yuzhnoe Vidnoye is major economy-class residential housing project in the town of Vidnoe. It is also one of the major projects in apartment houses section of the RDI development company’s portfolio. The project is located 5 kilometers from the Moscow ring road in the southern part of the town. The total site area is 40 hectares, while the building area is more than 227 thousand square meters. During the last 12 months, sales of residential apartments in the Yuzhnoye Vidovo housing complex grew nearly 1.5 times. According to plans, the project will be completed in 2016.

The first phase of the project (four P-111M-series buildings with a total space of 70 thousand square meters) was completed in the third quarter of 2014. At present, several buildings are being prepared for commissioning. The work includes installation of children’s playgrounds, site improvement, MOP decoration and heat supply lines connection. The second phase work is also under way. It includes land preparation and footing excavation.

The entire complex will consist of fourteen 17-storey buildings of the P-111M series, five low-rise buildings, a car garage complex, a school, two child daycare centers, a trade and entertainment center and a health clinic.

From the start, the Yuzhnoye Vidovo project, intended to satisfy Vidnoye residents’ demand for high-quality, affordable housing space, has been marketed based on its optimal price-quality relationship. The project’s well designed public space (equipped with Wellmaks business-class passenger lifts) and children’s playgrounds (supplied by our partner, KOPMAN), as well as its sensible functional and landscape design make the project a good alternative to the comfort-class project available at an attractive price of the economy segment.

The Yuzhnoye Vidovo housing project also includes a social component. Dmitry Vlasov, RDI Commercial Director, says: "Despite a shortage of places in children daycare centers in the district as a whole, the problem will not affect the residents of the RDI development company’s projects". This is because the Yuzhnoye Vidnoe development plan provides for building a school for 1100 schoolchildren and two daycare centers for 340 children.

Due to these advantages over the projects of other local competitors, demand for apartments in the Yuzhnoye Vidnoe housing complex is high, and it still continues to grow. At present, the Yuzhnoye Vidnoe project is the leader in monthly new housing space sales among housing projects with comparable price per square meter (Eko Vidnoye, Zavidnoe) carried out in Vidnoye by RDI’s major competitors.

Dmitry Vlasov lays emphasis on the importance of the developing company’s reputation and buyer’s confidence in it. He says that "large-scale, complex development makes it possible for RDI to gain from large sales volumes and, as a result, pursue a client-oriented price policy".

Another factor behind an increase in demand is RDI’s mortgage department. Established more than a year ago, it is now involved in about 50% of the transactions with residential apartments in Yuzhnoe Vidnoe. RDI’s mortgage department cooperates on favorable terms with many banks, incluiding Sberbank, VTB 24, Otkrytie, Soyuz, Uralsib, Baltika and others.

According to Dmitry Vlasov, RDI’s "own mortgage center is an optimal model for relationships between a development company and a buyer willing to buy residential space from it using mortgage. First, it is convenient: the buyer can receive all the needed information on the property and lending programs from a "single window". Second, it is economic: RDI concluded agreements on mortgage lending on favorable terms for its construction projects with major Russian banks. In the mortgage center, the buyer can receive all the required information on interest rates and discounts in respect of the apartment of interest to hem/her and make an informed purchasing decision".

According to the October 2014 data, a residential apartment in the Yuzhnoe Vidnoe residential complex was available for 3.5 to 7 million rubles in a house in latter phases of construction. For instance, the most liquid property, a single-room apartment with a total space of 41 square meters was available for 3.7 million rubles on average, a two-room apartment with a total space of 58 square meters – for five million rubles, while a total space of 74,5 square meters three-room apartment with for a family with a child was available for 6 million rubles.

According to RDI analysts, despite a crisis condition of the economy, the sales of apartments in the Yuzhnoe Vidnoe residential complex grew 30% in the third quarter of 2014, compared to the previous reporting period. The fact proves that buying an apartment in Yuzhnoe Vidnoe is a reliable and promision financial investment.