Complex development of territories: housing estates Nova Moskvy with infrastructure

12/ 03

The houses which were erected today qualitatively differ from the faceless "five-storey apartment blocks", continuing to be under construction even during the Post-Soviet period. Today architects propose more and more courageous solutions, pleasing with comfortable conditions of accommodation and improvement of adjacent territories. Builders Nova Moskvy, following market tendencies, try to attract buyers not only high-quality planning, but also developing infrastructure. Today very few people you will surprise with a parking on sale together with the apartment, but here the yard closed from cars, sports complexes, author's architecture and non-standard objects can become a decisive factor at a housing choice. 

 The program of complex development of territories started in the 2007th year, having united projects which besides building of inhabited objects provided development of engineering, transport and social infrastructure. Each of such projects is calculated on commissioning not less than 1 million sq.m of housing and realization term no more than 10 years. All territory of complex building is consolidated in one hands. Feature of CDT (complex development of territories) that their realization means attraction both private, and state the capitals. 

 Housing estates Nova Moskvy with the infrastructure, built within the CAT program, not rare phenomenon, despite all complexity of the project consisting in long term and need of serious investments at the very beginning of construction. Complex construction can't do without support of the local and regional authorities which not always have resources for this purpose. 

 Recently even more often occurs so that building projects not completely consider aspects of present and future use of the next sites or are developed without the developed transport and engineering situation. On this soil situations when the network companies refuse to connect the area to a heating main arise or to expand capacities, and on highways jams are formed. Housing estates Nova Moskvy with the infrastructure, built according to the CAT project, are favorable both to the authorities and the builder: the municipality due to business resolves an issue of leading of networks which business undertakes to organize and transfer to the city. 

 Realization of dot objects doesn't allow to create sufficient level of an urban environment. In this plan complex construction of inhabited constructions significantly wins, often covering to 100 hectares on whom all will be constructed necessary for comfortable accommodation. The CAT as wins at the expense of wide house adjoining space, as a result the housing in large massifs is most demanded in the market. 

 The integrated approach isn't deprived of minuses. The most essential of them — the long term of realization which conducts to breaking construction on stages: the residents who have moved into at the initial stages, are compelled to be reconciled some more years with arising inconveniences from the subsequent. 

 According to Urban Group data on housing estates Nova Moskvy with