ART-SUMMER is launched in Novo-Molokovo Housing Complex

01/ 07

Summer leisure and cultural and educational program for the residents of Novo-Molokovo organized by RDI Culture begins on 1 July to continue through the end of August, 2015.

The summer camp ART-SUMMER in Novo-Molokovo will accept both the pre-school age-group (children from 2 to 6 years old), and teenagers (from 7 to 15 years old). The summer in the camp is divided into four sessions, each of which will last 2 weeks and will be focused on environment, journalism, design and theatre respectively.

The camp’s program is based on edutainment principle that implies combination of advanced educational and entertainment practices. During each session the kids jointly with supervisors and experts study theory in a fun way, solve case studies. Each session will end with a mini-farewell party, at which the children will present their creative projects to their parents and broad public.  In addition to core subjects, the plan includes modern dancing lessons, board games, quests and other entertainment that will take place at the city park Novo-Molokovo near the Culture Center.

The supervisors of summer art programs are people who know how to listen and hear, how to evoke a child’s interest and engage him or her in joint creative processes, forge a relationship of trust between the members of a group. Participation in the summer art program for small kids implies presence of a parent, while teenagers will take part in games, quests and interactive master classes for a whole day supervised by attendants, who, by acting as their true friends and senior peers, will provide general guidance and assistance. The classes will take place from Monday to Friday, from 11.00 to 13.00 for the youngest residents of Novo-Molokovo and from 15.00 to 19.00 for older kids.

The first theme session will open on 1st of July, and will be devoted to environment. Children will learn about the lifestyle of a contemporary city-dweller, find out what waste sorting is for, how to recycle waste items by using them in arts and crafts, what guerilla gardening is about. During the session the children will become nature-lovers, they will participate in entertaining master classes on natural science, gardening and creative thinking, they will make sculptures from waste materials (batteries, cardboard, plastic bottles), make improvised design objects from materials at hand, paint using natural paints.  Under the guidance of Gayane Mamyan, the session supervisor, who teaches development classes in high school, a teacher of the “Green School” at the Gorky Park, children’s’ theatre director and oratory teacher, the children will make a journey around the globe to learn about the cultures of different countries and peoples.

From 16 July to 31 July the Art Camp will open a session of Journalism. Children will learn about different media, try themselves in the role of journalists, TV-hosts and reporters, they will participate in creating a real magazine learning how to write, compose stories, draw, photograph and select illustrations, create their own media product – a wall newspaper, radio news report, video commercial or a photo project.

The session from 3 to 14 August will be dedicated to design. During this session children will be creating their own art projects using different materials, at color classes they will learn to combine colors in a competent manner and discuss the technique of collage making, learn the basics of layout design and project engineering. The session participants will be able to apply their knowledge while creating theatre performances, installations, video projects and pantomimes. Teenagers will meet special invitees: designers, architects and artists. The session supervisor is Anastasia Andreeva, a graduate of experimental school of Professor A. P. Yermolaev, which has existed under the auspices of the Moscow Architecture Institute for more than 25 years, a practicing designer, member of Workshop TAF and design studio LAB-digest Theatre, teacher and permanent participant of art exhibitions and professional design contests.

The final session of the Art camp called “Theatre” will commence on 17 August. This session will be supervised by a team of designers and actors of LAB-digest Theatre headed by Anastasia Andreeva. Young actors and directors will get immersed into the world of movement, amazing discoveries, designer humor, they will learn things, move, play and create performances.

However, the program of ART-SUMMER will bring joy not only to children, but also to grown-ups: they will be able to attend very useful master classes, where they will be able to find out about inexpensive travel from Trip Secrets, famous style and makeup courses of Novo-Molokovo resident Yulia Terekhina, a cycle of self-development trainings, and meetings with interesting and successful people.

This summer the program for the residents of Novo-Molokovo also includes outdoor cinema shows, mafia game, joint Sunday brunches, sports (yoga, cycling, preparation for 10 km race within the framework of the Moscow marathon, Zumba Fitness, pickup football and volleyball games), as well as field classes for the residents of Novo-Molokovo at the best museums of Moscow with experienced guides.

On 11 July within the framework of the program ART-SUMMER in NOVO-MOLOKOVO an exhibition MALEVICH: WHO HAS INVENTED THE “BLACK SQUARE” will be opened, and on the 1st of August – a one-day festival “Summer in Novo-Molokovo” will be held.

The good news is that participation in ART-SUMMER programs is absolutely free!

You can find more details about the summer camp ART-SUMMER in Novo-Molokovo on the telephone: +7(498)767-99-95 or +7(906)789-59-41, and by signing to the mail address

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