Army mortgage in the residential cluster South Vidnoe

21/ 04

RDI is happy to inform you of the launch of sale of the apartments within the framework of the government program “Accumulation and mortgage system Army Mortgage” in the residential cluster South Vidnoe (accredited buildings 1,2,3,4,5).

Today the issue of improvement of the housing conditions is especially acute for the military. We are glad that now the defenders of the Fatherland can solve their housing problems by purchasing an apartment in the residential cluster South Vidnoe (accredited buildings 1,2,3,4,5) using the army mortgage.

The program is intended for the military – members of the accumulation and mortgage system (AMS). The program allows obtaining housing without any involvement of own means. The AMS participants include military men, Russian Federation citizens, who serve in the army under a contract and are included into the register of AMS participants for the provision of housing for the men serving in the Russian Federation Armed Forces.

After three years of military man’s participation in AMS, the client may use the money accumulated at the expense of the state for the initial deposit for an apartment. Repayment of the credit during the entire term shall be on account of AMS contributions remitted by the state.

RDI’s partner within the framework of implementation of the program is VTB 24. For the military men the initial deposit will be 10% of the cost of the property to be acquired. Also, the bank provides the opportunity to increase the initial deposit on account of consumer credit. The minimal age of the client is determined by the age at obtaining the certificate of the Accumulation mortgage system. The maximum credit amount must not exceed 2.4 million roubles. The credit interest rate varies from 9.4%. Nevertheless, this will be quite smooth for the military man, since he does not participate in the credit repayment process. For the execution of the army mortgage only the passport and AMS certificate are required.

Our sales and mortgage managers will be happy to help you make a difficult, but pleasant choice of a new apartment.